Service Kitset: WS62/17

Please note:

After receiving feedback from you our distributors, White Star Products have carried out a small improvement to our WS62 Classic Brass lever pump.

Main concerns were the sticking problems associated to the drying out of the leather cup washer when the pump was used infrequently.

After experimentation and testing the decision was made to replace the leather cup washer with a Nitrile alternative as it provided improved pumping performance and alleviated the leather washer problems.

From June 2011 all WS62 Hand pumps will be supplied with ``Nitrile rubber`` plunger washers.

We now offer a conversion kit (WS62/22) for retrofitting, upgrading the older leather washer versions.

The conversion kits consist of a Brass valve seat and backing washer.

All Service kits will now include the Nitrile cup washer.


To replace a leather cup washer version you will need both a conversion kit WS62/22 and a Service Kit WS62/17A

Leather cup washers will no longer be available after current stocks run out.

All new WS62 pumps will be supplied with the new Nitrile cup washer.

To fit the Conversion Kit (#10A & 12A)

Discard existing part #’s 10 & 12. Replace with new part #’s 10A & 12A.


  • Make sure to fit part #11A first before threading part #10A hard up to shoulder of part #12A.
  • Use Loctite to attach valve seat to plunger.

To replace the leather plunger washer (#11) or nitrile plunger washer (#11A)

Unscrew the spout body & spout assembly (#14) from the barrel assembly (#15). (As sealant has been used on the thread, run the spout body under hot water and then tap it gently with a soft-headed mallet or a piece of soft wood. Place the pump vertically in a bench vice, gripping the barrel assembly below the flange.) DO NOT use too much force on the spout & DO NOT use any tools as they may cause damage to the barrel. The complete handle & plunger assembly can now be removed. By holding the plunger valve body (#13) in a bench vice, the valve seat (#12) can be unscrewed, enabling the Leather or Nitrile cup washer to be replaced.

To replace the felt packing (#18) & quad ring (#20) on Mk 2 model

The complete plunger valve assembly must be removed from the plunger tube (#8). Take care when fitting the quad ring so as not to damage its inside edge.

If your pump is not leaking at the gland, there is no necessity to replace either of the above.

WS62 - Repair Instructions