The Fynspray name has been synonymous with quality made New Zealand pumping products since 1948.

White Star Products have been manufacturing a comprehensive range of manual rotary pumps, Impeller pumps, Gear pumps, Galley pumps, Rocker pumps, Sump pumps, Engine oil change pumps, Bilge pumps, Swivel Faucet pumps, Flipper Pumps, Foot pumps and back pack spraying pumps.


Cleveco yacht fittings have been associated with NZ yacht racing, cruising and classical yachts for over 50 years.

White Star Products have been manufacturing a wide and extensive range of yacht fittings including blocks, cleats, chain plates, shackles, goosenecks, turnbuckles, rudder fittings for large yachts, trailer yachts right through to “P, optimist & 49er’s class. The fittings are seen on Sunbursts, moth arrows and traditional small sailing class yachts through out the country.

Murray bottom handle winches

Murray bottom handle winches have adorned decks booms and masts on cruising and classical yachts worldwide. Their ruggedness has been proven in the worst sea conditions imaginable. Top cleats allow for self tailing and small trimming. The handles are lockable and both winch and handles are manufactures in Manganese Bronze and built to last. More recent Murray products included traditional designed Bronze Skylight lifters and rigging screws.

Swageturn-Logo-new-small (1)

In April 2016 White Star Products LP added Swageturn to their marine product offer. Swageturn is a well-established brand of Yacht rigging products and manufactured by White Star Products in New Zealand and supplied throughout the world.

Swageturn products can be viewed at


The newest brand added to White Star Products portfolio. For over 45 years Windward Products has been designing and manufacturing boat mechanical wind direction indicators for sailing dinghies, yachts and land yachts. Windward Products also produces Engine exhaust muffler, nylon blocks, boat rail clothes pegs, parrel beads.