White Star Products design, develop, manufacture, market, sell and deliver marine fittings and pumps for the recreational and marine markets.

We are fully committed to maintaining the leadership position in customer service, product design, reliability and quality. Over time these principles have been tested and validated by our customers.

We strive to exceed the quality standards expected by our customers in the delivery of reliable products and services, exceeding industry standards. We recognise that the customer is the final judge of quality and value of these products and services.

We will work with our customers and suppliers to create the most effective supply line, encouraging partnerships at every level.

We will create an atmosphere of teamwork, open communication a mutual trust to effectively drive continuous improvement.

Our policy and procedures continue to be appropriate, by initiating regular reviews to check their effectiveness and ongoing relevance. Quality, continued improvement and customer satisfaction are the personal responsibility of each of our employee and require total employee involvement. By undertaking relevant skills and quality awareness training, our Quality Management Systems is effectively implemented.

Neil Stubbing

Managering Director