Service Kitset: WS61/12, WS610/12

To replace the leather plunger washer (#6) (61), OR plunger 'o' ring (#13) (610) – loss of suction

Unscrew the spout body & spout assembly (#9) from the barrel assembly (#10). As sealant has been used on the thread, run the spout body under hot water and then tap it gently with a soft-headed mallet or a piece of soft wood. Place the pump vertically in a bench vice, gripping the barrel assembly below the flange.

DO NOT use too much force on the spout & DO NOT use any tools as they may cause damage to the barrel.

WS61: The complete handle & plunger assembly can now be removed. By holding the plunger valve seat (#7) in a bench vice, the plunger (#3) can be unscrewed by hand, enabling the leather cup washer to be replaced.

WS610: The complete handle & plunger assembly can now be removed. Remove old ‘o’ ring. Lubricate new ‘o’ ring with a little oil prior to fitting, taking care not to damage when refitting by rolling it into position.

To replace the gland packing – leaking gland

Unscrew the gland nut (#8) and remove the old gland packing before winding the replacement packing around the plunger tube (#3). Apply a little Vaseline to the packing to help it seat itself in position.

The Service kitset WS610/12, contains part #16 gland 'o' ring, #13 plunger 'o' ring & #15 gland packing.

WS61 & WS610 - Repair Instructions