Installation & Service Instructions

  • Check that suction pipe and fittings are air-tight, and always mount the pump as near as possible to the liquid being pumped.
  • Gear pumps are primarily designed for circulating, and when used for lifting, should be installed with a gooseneck and foot valve to ensure that the pump is kept fully primed.
  • For best results do not run the pump at a higher speed than necessary, keeping under 650rpm unless pumping a lubricant, where speeds of up to 900rpm are acceptable.
  • Ensure correct alignment of shafts and pulleys – bad alignment causes excessive wear.
  • Greasing should be at least every two hours of running time. High pressures tend to force out grease and therefore require more regular greasing (up to every half hour), and greatly reduce the life of the pump. Always use a non-solvent grease when pumping liquids such as kerosene.
  • DO NOT hammer pulley onto the shaft as this will damage the pump internally. DO NOT run pump dry for prolonged periods. DO NOT run pump with over-tight belt as this will reduce the bearing life.
WS32 - Repair Instructions
WS32 - Repair Instructions